The River Unites Us: A campaign to promote the maritime industry

Quebec City, June 17, 2024 – Today, the Société de développement économique du Saint-Laurent (Sodes), with the financial support of the Ministère des Transports et de la Mobilité durable, is pleased to announce the official launch of the “The River Unites Us” campaign, dedicated to promoting the entire Quebec maritime industry.

This ambitious project aims to highlight the crucial importance of the marine industry in our daily lives, as well as its positive impact on our economy, our food, our environment and our technological development.

“The marine industry plays a vital role in our everyday lives. The aim of this campaign is to highlight the many benefits and innovations that this sector brings. Indeed, we sometimes forget that the maritime industry guarantees a regular food supply, stimulating the local economy, while at the same time being environmentally conscious and adopting cutting-edge technologies,” points out Mathieu St-Pierre, President and CEO of Sodes.

At the heart of your business

The maritime industry is at the heart of our economy, facilitating the trade of goods and the transportation of goods around the world. It connects companies to international markets and supplies them with raw materials, stimulating economic growth and prosperity.

At the heart of your diet

Our plates are also influenced by the maritime industry. Whether it’s fruit and vegetables, flour, sugar or cocoa, or the transport of agricultural fertilizers, this industry guarantees a constant supply and support for the production of fresh, quality products, thus contributing to our well-being and health.

At the heart of your environment

Protecting the environment is a priority for the marine industry. By investing in sustainable practices, reducing carbon emissions and protecting marine biodiversity, we are actively committed to preserving our oceans, our ecosystems and our St. Lawrence.

At the heart of new technologies

Finally, in order to remain competitive and respect ecosystems and communities, a multitude of innovations are being implemented. From electrified boats to advanced fleet management systems, we develop new technologies to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs and minimize our environmental footprint.

The “The River Unites Us” campaign is designed to raise public awareness of the opportunities presented by the maritime industry. To achieve this, a range of activities and information will be disseminated through various media. Educational workshops, conferences and other interactive events will be organized to give participants a better understanding of this important industry for the province. In parallel, a multimedia communications strategy will be deployed, including campaigns on social networks, articles in the local press and online publications.

Stay informed and engaged by following our social media and future communications to discover the next steps in this campaign.

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About Sodes

The Société de développement économique du Saint-Laurent (Sodes) is a non-profit organization whose mandate is to unite the stakeholders in Quebec’s maritime ecosystem around the economic, environmental and social opportunities offered by the St. Lawrence corridor.


SOURCE: Milla Mormul-Dubois
Advisor, Corporate Communications
Société de développement économique du Saint-Laurent
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