Video game Brought to You by Ship: new portal


Video game Brought to You by Ship:
An educational portal featuring shipping and pedagogical content

Québec City, February 2, 2016 – The St. Lawrence Economic Development Council (SODES) is pleased to launch the brand-new web portal featuring Brought to You by Ship, an educational video game in which youngsters become captains and manage their own shipping company. Fun to play and based on the Québec government’s educational program and real situations in the marine industry, the new portal offers users a wide range of content options.

New features
Among the video game’s new features and improvements are the addition of content on marine-sector occupations and cargo carried by ship. This new edition of Brought to You by Ship also includes elements specifically developed for teachers and parents to help them guide young users in the classroom or at home.

Two new sets of exercise software offer drill-and-practice options in the form of mini-games on the platform. The first has youngsters applying their knowledge of angles by carrying out vessel berthing maneuvers with the help of a tugboat. The second has them using their knowledge of the Cartesian plane by communicating coordinates to the ship to help it by-pass icebergs unharmed.

The game Brought to You by Ship is housed on the Game for Science website, a platform combining educational content and video gaming recognized and used by elementary school teachers in class. Students learn Mathematics, French, Science, etc. concepts while having fun in a technological setting. Brought to You by Ship is specifically intended to develop the knowledge of elementary Cycle Three students in the maritime sector while learning.

Marine industry promotional campaign
The video game Brought to You by Ship is a marine industry promotional campaign initiative. The Brought to You by Ship campaign is coordinated by SODES and aimed at reminding the public that, contrary to popular belief, 90% of the goods we use every day are brought to us by ship.Livré par navire - ANG - transparent

The St. Lawrence Economic Development Council (SODES) plays a key role in economic activity related to the St. Lawrence River. It is the voice of the maritime community, whose interests and projects it champions in all forums and vis-à-vis authorities at all levels when the River’s economic future is at stake. Enjoying solid, broad-based membership, SODES promotes the development of the St. Lawrence in keeping with sustainable development principles.


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