73 buses spotlighting the Brought to you by ship campaign

Québec City, May 6, 2015 – The St. Lawrence Economic Development Council (SODES) launched on May 6 the second offensive of its marine industry promotional campaign Brought to you by ship – My river, my provider!, with a wave of posters brightening up the outside of city buses in the Québec City, Saguenay and Trois-Rivières areas. In all, throughout the entire month of May, 73 buses in these urban centres will post the campaign’s colours in an all-out effort to make Quebeckers aware of the important role the marine industry plays in their daily lives.

The campaign visuals portray items we use every day—cell phones, bicycles, cars, fruit—and which, contrary to popular belief, are brought to us by ship. “Once we become aware that 90% of the goods we consume on a daily basis come to us by ship, we understand how enormously important the St. Lawrence River and the marine industry are for us”, explains SODES President Nicole Trépanier.

The first offensive of the marine industry promotional campaign Brought to you by ship – My river, my provider!, which ran last fall, consisted in showcasing the marine industry on mega-billboards installed in three key locations: at the approaches to the Champlain and Jacques-Cartier bridges in Montréal and on Highway 20, east of Exit 314, in Québec City.

Phase 2 of the game Brought to you by ship now online!
As part of its second offensive, SODES is launching Phase 2 of the game Brought to you by ship, developed on the Game for Science platform. The game is designed for youngsters in Cycle II of elementary school and their teachers and offers teaching guides that highlight tie-ins with the Québec government’s education program. The game allows youngsters to become captains, leading their crews, managing fuel, buying and storing goods. The students use their logistics skills to ensure that the cargo arrives in the proper port on time, while ensuring that their shipping company makes a profit and posts a positive environmental performance. For Phase 2, the port area has been enlarged, more animation and operations have been added, and players can now purchase new port terminals and a 2nd ship (bulker).

 About SODES
The St. Lawrence Economic Development Council (SODES) plays a key role in economic activity related to the St. Lawrence River. It is the voice of the maritime community, representing its interests and projects in all forums and before all authorities where our economic future is at stake. With its many members from all walks of life, SODES works to promote the development of the St. Lawrence River in keeping with sustainable development principles.


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