Trois-Rivières. December 16 – A few days from the beginning of the Holiday Season, the Roue libre-Port de Trois-Rivières team is making a generous donation to the students of Saint-Dominique-et-Sainte-Catherine-de-Sienne School of $25,650, which it raised by participating in the Grand défi Pierre Lavoie (GDPL).

m_roue-libre-port-de-trois-rivieresThe school’s staff, who promote a healthy lifestyle, offer an outdoor component to their educational project. With the money they are receiving today, the school will improve sports-related outings for students, acquire equipment for working on children’s psychomotility, purchase new physical education material, and paint game lines for an active schoolyard.

For Gaétan Boivin, President and CEO of the Port of Trois-Rivières, “All efforts made by team members, such as training and raising money, are a true inspiration. This example encourages students to dare to realize their own dreams. The new sports equipment will help them gradually develop the perseverance necessary to reach them.” This year’s sponsorship has held a special meaning for the Port of Trois-Rivières, as one of the school’s two buildings is located in a neighbourhood along the St. Lawrence River. Therefore, it is children living in a neighbourhood near the Port who will benefit from the money raised, and this is important to the organization.

Involvement That Makes All the Difference

The cyclists of the Roue libre-Port de Trois-Rivières team, ambassadors of a healthy lifestyle for four years, have given a total of $112,830 to seven elementary schools in the region so that they can procure sports equipment. By adding to this amount the sums raised every year for the Fondation du GDPL, which invests in research on early childhood orphan genetic diseases and in the promotion of healthy lifestyles for children, the Roue libre-Port de Trois-Rivières team and its partners have donated $155,830 to improve the well-being of children. “Our schools are fortunate to be able to count on the involvement of the members of the Roue libre-Port de Trois-Rivières team in promoting health for our children. The impact of their collaboration is important and long term in our areas,” says Claude Lessard, President of the School Board.

The members of the team are delighted to be able to provide the children with quality equipment and highlighted the involvement of teachers, who are doing a great job with the students day after day. The GDPL is a wonderful human adventure benefiting the region. For them, completing the 1,000 km and visiting students enables them to live exhilarating moments.

In addition, the generosity of the financial partners and donors over the past four years was highlighted by the Roue libre-Port de Trois-Rivières team. Seeing themselves as catalysts, the cyclists have reminded us that these donations to schools come from the community of Trois-Rivières, from all the generous people who decided to provide children with the conditions that will enable them to adopt healthy lifestyles for life.

Donations of Past Years
2013 : $20,400 donated to Sainte-Thérèse School to support a psychomotility program, the construction of a rock-climbing wall, and the purchase of clothing for sports teams.
2014 : $32,275 donated to Cardinal-Roy and Dollard schools for the purchase of physical education and psychomotility material.
2015 : $34,505 given to Saint-Paul, Saint-Philippe, and Mond’Ami schools to revitalize their schoolyards and for the purchase of physical education material.



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