At the IMQ awards gala on April 26, SODES awarded students scholarships of $1500 to recognize their ongoing efforts throughout the school year.

During the ceremony, 65 scholarships, totalling $32 000, were awarded to students for their academic excellence, their outstanding involvement in student life and their athletic performance.

The three recipients of the SODES scholarship are: Transportation Logistics students Vincent Godbout and Marie-Andray Létourneau and Marine Engineering student Aristide Elle Nkomo Potouo.

Since 2016, as part of its marine industry promotional campaign Brought to you by ship – My river, my provider!, SODES has awarded scholarships, for a total of $3000. One scholarship is reserved for a graduate or postgraduate student doing research in a field of interest for the marine industry and the other is awarded to Institut maritime du Québec students whose academic performance is particularly noteworthy.