Shipping container-turned-art gallery: Travelling marine industry art exhibition showcased at AIVP conference

Québec City, June 13, 2018 – The St. Lawrence Economic Development Council (SODES) is proud to present its travelling marine industry art exhibition on June 13 at the Baie de Beauport alongside the 16th international conference of the Worldwide Network of Port Cities (AIVP) to run at the Port of Québec June 11-14.

This very unique exhibition, developed by SODES and designed by EXMURO arts publics, illustrates various facets of the marine industry, revealing many of its infrastructures to the public in a new light. 

Set up in a shipping container–like those used to transport everyday consumer items and products delivered by ship–reworked into an art gallery, this travelling exhibition will visit many St. Lawrence waterfront cities over the summer.

“Not only is the exhibition unique, it introduces the public to sites devoted to maritime activity artfully and playfully. Showing the exhibition at the AIVP’s 16th international conference offers an opportunity to introduce visitors from other countries to the Québec marine industry’s vitality and the originality of the projects it implements to highlight its activities to the general public”, pointed out SODES President and CEO Nicole Trépanier.

Brought to you by ship – My river, my provider!

The exhibition is part of the marine industry promotional campaign Brought to you by ship – My river, my provider! coordinated by SODES to make the Québec public aware of the important role the marine industry plays in our daily lives and remind Quebeckers that the majority of the items surrounding us are delivered by ship and have travelled the St. Lawrence.

Suivez sa route! (Follow its route!)