Québec Marine Day:

The 19th edition of Québec Marine Day will take place on October 22 under the banner “Get on board with us!”.

The St. Lawrence marine industry has the wind in its sails, witness the many port development projects, infrastructure and fleet modernization, digital transformation and the conclusion of numerous trade agreements. The result is an increasingly effective, green, attractive logistics chain that continues to position the St. Lawrence advantageously as a hub for transatlantic and inland trade, while creating more than 27 000 jobs and injecting an annual $2.3 billion into Québec economic activity. To maintain this strategic position and remain competitive, however, we must anticipate future needs and challenges today. To ensure the Québec marine economy’s sustainable growth, we must continue to hone our maritime expertise, encourage technological innovation, invest in modern infrastructures and ensure sufficient, qualified human resources. From this viewpoint, ongoing cooperation between the industry and the government is essential.

Québec Marine Day was recognized by Québec government Order-in-Council in 2002. Organized jointly by the St. Lawrence Shipoperators (SLS) and the St. Lawrence Economic Development Council (SODES), the event is designed primarily to make parliamentarians and senior government officials aware of issues related to the marine industry so that the sector remains competitive and is able to best serve Quebeckers’ interests. This event is reserved strictly for the two organizers’ members.