A new look for SODES communication tools

To improve communications with our members, better disseminate information and continue to stand out, SODES reassessed all of its communications tools over the fall. As a result, the St. Lawrence Express newsletter will not be released anymore. From now on, rather than releasing a longer newsletter every two months, SODES will send out short messages much more frequently to ensure ongoing communications. In addition, once a month, SODES will present a more detailed article. In short, the St. Lawrence Express is replaced by:

SODES Newsflash: a news item, event, important announcement about a SODES file, etc. released 3-4 times every month.
Interview of the month: a four-question interview with key stakeholders linked closely to the Quebec maritime community’s main issues and priorities.

SODES’ communication tools designed for the general public (press releases, SODES website, www.broughttoyoubyship.com website, Maritime Information Bureau website, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) will remain unchanged. SODES believes that this new way of communicating with members and partners will spotlight its files and allow better communications with its members, especially by better disseminating information about our organization. In the current context, in which mobilization and implementation of complementary measures with the members were defined as an orientation of SODES’s new strategic plan, enhancing communications tools had become necessary.